Hi, my name is Dana. I like to create jewelry & other wearables and share tutorials about these for others to enjoy!

Here is a little bit about myself, my designs, and why I created this website:

I have been creating jewelry and other wearable designs since I can remember. Most of my very first creations were made as gifts for friends and family and as items for me to wear as I could never seem to find the right accessories to fit my likes and tastes. I have been sharing and selling my jewelry and other wearable creations online in hopes that others enjoy them just as much as I do.

For my jewelry, I enjoy working most with resin, metal (such as copper, brass, and silver), wire wrapping, semi-precious stones, glass, crystal, organics (wood, shells, dried flowers and plants, dead insects, feathers) and found/recovered objects. Click here to check out some of my jewelry designs.

For my textile designs, I enjoy working with a variety of materials (wool, silk, acrylic, mixed fibers) for creating hand knit and crochet pieces. Click here to check out some of my knitting.

I also like blogging and sharing tutorials on how to do the design and creation process for various projects I am creating, so make sure to check back to my website for posts about new projects and tutorials.

Thanks for stopping by and looking!