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Anyone ever have this happen to them when storing beads and findings? 

I have as you can see, and it isn’t pretty. In fact, it can ruin a bunch of nicely organized seed beads by mixing them all up into a huge mess that even the most patient person couldn’t ever sort through. The trick to avoiding this is getting the right container to store your beads (especially small items like seed beads) and findings.


Don’ts for Bead Storage

1. You want to avoid containers that do not have grooves in the lid for each individual compartments that help to keep your beads and other items in their specific areas. An example of one to avoid is shown below: 

Avoid containers like this with lids that do NOT have grooves specifically for your compartments.

The one shown below is better because it has the grooves in the lid to help keep your items in their compartments.

 Containers with grooved lids are good for large-medium sized findings & beads. NOT recommended for smaller/seed beads or findings though.


Do’s for Bead Storage 

Now, even the ones with the grooves (shown above) aren’t fail safe from the mixed up bead disaster as beads still might migrate if the container is shifted around a lot. Also, if you happen to drop the container, all of your items will fall out and mix together, which is a complete nightmare. So I only recommend using the above type of container for large to medium sized findings and beads.

1. For your smaller beads, seed beads, and small findings, I recommend using either a pill case that has separate compartments, like what is shown below:

 2. Or, even better yet, some craft stores, like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, sell these awesome storage containers that have separate, lockable compartments. The one pictured  below that I recommend is called CraftMates Lockables 2XL. These are great because their design practically eliminates the issue of beads/findings migrating to other compartments as everything is separated and opens individually. If you’re working and only have one compartment open and dump these by accident, you only have to worry about cleaning up and re-organizing one compartment of beads, which is no big deal when in comparison to a whole container of different ones all mixed together. 

The locking feature on these also works VERY well. I was in a car wreck in January and had these inside my craft bag that was in my car at the time of the accident. Everything in my car was knocked out of place (including myself), but these stayed locked and in tact. 

3. Another thing that’s important to look for with bead storage are containers that are stackable for easy storage on shelves, in drawers, or in your craft bag. Again, I recommend CraftMates Lockables as they nest together very nicely and are a nice size that fits well in a number of places (including craft bags).

 4. One other thing that I can recommend for better bead storage, is to organize your beads by color (for instance, you might want to organize your beads like I did by the colors in the spectrum or color wheel). This way, you can see all of the colors of beads that you have and also be able to more easily plan out the colors in your designs.

 Don’t they look so pretty all neat and organized like this? Makes me want to create!

I hope you found this post helpful in getting your beads and findings organized!


Please note that I did not get paid/compensated by the company mentioned with money or products to write this post. All items have been purchased with my own money. All view points and opinions expressed in this post are purely my own based off of my experiences. I enjoy writing and sharing these posts with my readers in hopes that this information is helpful to others out there. 

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