Jewelry Supply Shopping Haul: Bail Making Pliers & 16 Gauge Wire

by Dana


Yesterday I finally was able to purchase a pair of bail making pliers (pictured above) that I have had on my wish list for awhile. Thanks to all the holiday sales that are going on currently, the pliers were a great deal at my local Hobby Lobby. I only ended up paying around $10.00 for them including tax (retail $15.99).  I purchased the largest size (6mm & 8.5mm) as I already own wire looping and round nose pliers that can do similar work like the smaller bail making pliers. If you can’t find these at your local Hobby Lobby, you can also find these at most jewelry supply stores (local and online) as well as at Amazon.

This particular size of bail making pliers is great for me because I can now make even more different types of clasps (such as a hook and eye) out of  much sturdier/thicker gauge wire, hence why I also bought the spool of 16 gauge wire shown in the images above.

You can also do the following with these pliers as well:

  • make ear wires for earrings
  • bend wire, filigree, and small pieces of sheet metal to make bails & other curved designs for jewelry
  • coil wire to make jump rings (6mm & 8.5mm)
In future posts, I will show you how to use these pliers to make these items, so stay tuned!


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