If you follow my Twitter account @danameyerdesign, you know that I had recently purchased 15 sets of carbonized patina bamboo DPNs (double pointed needles) in sizes 0 through 15 on eBay (shown below) to work on a recent project and desperately needed a nice organizer to store all of them.

That’s a lot of DPNs!

I’m a huge fan of Etsy, so I headed on over there to look for a DPN organizer. I browsed for awhile and couldn’t find anything that was big enough without breaking the bank (some were over $75) that was also pretty until I stumbled upon the most beautiful and affordable DPN organizers made by LunaStitch.  The one I fell in love with and purchased is shown here and in the images below.  

The colors and design are just so striking and vibrant- even nicer than the pictures show.

I really like how it can be used as both a wallet and a roll depending on how you like to store your needles in your project bag or elsewhere. The last two images above show examples of this.

What’s also great about this organizer is that there was enough room left over to store all of my other metal & bamboo DPNs and cable needles as well. (This baby has 28 pockets!) So, now all of my DPNs have a home all in one place and I couldn’t be happier!

I also wanted to share this with my readers as this was a great experience with this Etsy seller. I bought this on Sunday, which I might add was right before a big holiday (New Years)and received it promptly Wednesday morning.  I will certainly keep this seller on my list of favorites and recommend this seller to others. 

Thanks for reading!

Please note that I did not get paid/compensated by the Etsy artist mentioned with money or products to write this post. All view points and opinions expressed in this post are purely my own based off of my experiences. I enjoy writing and sharing these posts with my readers in hopes that this information is helpful to others out there.